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Eduardo Raon, harp & electronics
Joana Sá, piano, toy piano & electronics
Luís Martins, guitar



POWERTRIO – is a Portuguese ensemble dedicated to composition/interpretation of contemporary music and also to improvisation. Started in 2007 by three composers/interpreters with classical background and vast experience in other musical genres.
This rare instrumental combination allowed POWERTRIO to develop a unique sound, taking advantage of the idiomatics of each instrument as well as of the vast 'chamberistic' possibilities of this ensemble.
Aware of classical music's legacy, POWERTRIO uses and subverts contemporary musical archetypes, logics and solutions questioning and seeking integration of crossmedia resources.

POWERTRIO – whose name derives from the classical Rock music line-up (guitar, bass and drums) – refers to the attitude, drive and intuitive musical action that best sum up Rock music.
In a place where composition and spontaneous musical gestures battle/clash/compete, POWERTRIO performs (onstage) a narrative based on intensity. The audience is invited to experience a place where dimensions morph and where scale space and time notions are manipulated revealing a peculiar sensorial path. For that purpose POWERTRIO approaches the piano, the guitar and the harp with no restrictions.

'What We Think When We Walk And What We Walk While Thinking' (2009 Creative Sources) Press release by Francisco Monteiro:

Musical composition and improvisation have been estranged and reconciled in many ways along the ages, reflecting the various social and aesthetic conditioning of each era and culture.
Today, collective improvisation, without traditional props like harmonic sequences, riffs, or patterns, is perhaps the most generous way of creating music.
The musician is body, ears, manipulator and reinventor of instruments; soul, performer, constructor, accomplice: but also and always, an inseparable part of a collective whole that, so often, overcomes the more individualistic impulses of his ego.
Acrobat without a net on a trapeze that cannot be seen, living out his odyssey among other, similarly blind, musicians.
But always eager for the experience of this collective voyage, interiorizing its seductions and perils, offering himself entirely for immolation in a magical ritual of sharing and creation.
This kind of musical improvisation is truly spellbinding, draining, distressing even, but rewarding: an authentic school of creation - and thus, of life.
Afterwards, there are the results, the product: what is done and later heard, or heard as others make it; time is lived through sound and presence, or sound and presence are lived through time. A posteriori, these remains are, perhaps, negligible.
But POWERTRIO achieve something magical, which is to make us relive that presence when we hear their recordings: they manage to make us think of - experience with them - this journey that is a search for the sound and silence inside ourselves, visceral multiform expression, modulations of a space that is plastic and that at every moment mutates; what was and is music, the sempiternal debate that is creation, art, music - that is us.
Or to put it more bluntly: POWERTRIO is a group that - through the will and ability of its members - makes great music.