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instances of commediation

5-channel HD video/sound installation
Rita Sá
Sound Composition: Joana Sá
Sound Recording and Production: Eduardo Raon

Instances of Commediation is a multichannel installation that reflects on the abrupt changes that are occurring on social relationships deriving from the emergence of new 'communicational spaces', through social media.
The set up is envisioned to recreate the multiplicity of environments we live in today, along with our spatial impermanence. Five LCD screens show different perspectives of the same events that are occurring. These events are fictional and start as watercolor paintings that are later animated. This process of remediation (Bolter and Grusin 2000) and of the adjustment of an elder medium to a new one, comes almost as an analogy to the adjustment of our traditional social behaviors to new spaces of social interaction.

Instances of Commediation exhibited at:
Visual Arts Gallery, New York (26.05 – 06.06.2009)
SIGGRAPH Asia 2009, Yokohama (16.12 – 19.12.2009 Art Gallery)
255 Canal, New York (27.10 - 06.11.2010)


Fractions of a Room (2008) explores the spatial travestism which takes place in a house at the moment when the owners are moving. The constant mutation of the owners or the inhabitants of the house directly correspond to the inevitable mutations of the space's identity. The artist carried out research on the room in which her work is now housed, registering the irregularities of the surfaces, the infiltrations, the stains on the floor, and dissecting what this evidence may reveal.

In the artist's work, the room is transformed into a stage, and the scenes, in which the daily tasks of what Erving Goffman calls social roles unfold, are constantly created and altered. And so, walls are painted-another gesture of sedimentation- furniture is changed, lighting is altered, new wallpaper is glued to the wall.

In each exhibition, there is an attempt to erase the previous traces, to create a new spatial, and more importantly to introduce spaces of thinking.
'Luísa Especial'

Fractions of a room exhitbited at:
Plataforma Revólver, Lisbon (25.09 – 08.10.2008)