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workshop 'the sounds that come from...'

Concept: Joana Sá, Luís Martins
Instructors: Joana Sá, Luís Martins and Eduardo Raon


Graphic score made by participants (children) with different musical characters. The musical piece is constructed in a narrative way and, at the end it is played and recorded by instructors of the workshop. It is made a CD for the participants to keep.

installation: sounds from salgueiral

This Installation was made in CENTA - Centro de Estudos de Novas Tendências Artísticas - a plurydisciplinary Center for Artistic Residences in Portugal, in the little village of Salgueiral (Vila Velha de Ródão). It was made by four of the nine inhabitants of Salgueiral: Joana Sá and Luís Martins, at the time coordinators for Music in CENTA and... most important of all - Sérgio and Daniel, the only two children of this village.
The four of us worked hard in catching every sound in the neighborhoods and were proud of our astonishing sound collection. Sérgio and Daniel were thinking about how these sounds could fit into music and were listening for many composers just as different as Beethoven and Tristan Murail.

The Installation made at the end is based on the idea of hiding place and shelter inhabited by sounds and it is inspired on the true hiding places of Sérgio and Daniel in Salgueiral.